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2018 The Year of 'Do it SCARED!'

Happy Saturday guys! And also happy New Year! My original intention for this post was to share it a little over a week ago. But as you can see, that didn’t happen. With the holidays, traveling, and a brand new puppy I have definitely had my hands full. But I hope you all had a wonderful 2018 and holiday season. But like me, I hope you all are expecting an even better 2019. Today I am sharing my beginning of the year tradition. Right before the start of every new year I have gotten into the habit of choosing a word or phrase that I want the year to encompass. I do this because I believe that words hold a lot of power and the things we say…

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Why I Shared My Testimony

If you watched My Testimony video last month you heard the story of my life (at least a big chunk of it) and my struggles. I always knew that, even in the midst of my storm,  God was preparing me to help other people get through what I was going through. I was just unsure of how God...

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