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1 Year In........October 14, 2017

Last Sunday my love and I officially took one whole trip around the sun as husband and wife. We turned ONE! And being Mrs. Reid is literally the joy of my life and I am so grateful to be married to such a wonderful human being. 🤗 And as excited as I am about this I have been struggling to put it to words. And I am not exaggerating or trying to sound deep. I have seriously been struggling to put words on paper. This is literally my 3rd drafted anniversary blog post and I am over a week late sharing this.

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Dear God, Thank YOU!

First I want to start this letter by simply saying thank you. And not thank you for the things I normally thank you for, like food, shelter, safety and my family. While I am very grateful for those things today I want to specifically thank you for a promise you gave me 3 years ago, a door you opened almost 2 years ago, a question you prompted 5 months ago, and a covenant you fulfilled 31 days ago. Thank you for my Husband...

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