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Thank God for Chapter 30

Welp guys, today is the Big THREE OH (30) and I could not be more grateful! ðŸ™ŒðŸ¾ For allot of people I know 30 is a hard pill to swallow. My mom and grandmother said they both shed some tears on their 30th birthday because it was the first time they ever felt like they were old. 😫 Now I can not promise there won't be any tears but I will say that I do not feel old. Honestly I feel like my life is just beginning. Like 30 is where life is actually going to start getting good…

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2017 | My Year of Faith

Happy New Year loves! Can you guys believe it is 2018 already? 🗓 Am I the only one who feels like this past year flew by? ⏳ I, like everyone else on the planet, use the new year as a clean slate and always make new years resolutions. And like most I never quite hit the mark lol. But there is one resolution I started 2 years ago that works for me. It might sound kind of weird but...

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