Meet Janelle

I grew up in a family full of creativity and entrepreneurs. I was always taught that God gives us each a specific dream and that dream is part of our purpose. My dream was to be my own boss and be paid to do what I love. So in 2011 (a year after graduating from Howard University) I decided to do just that. I started Janelle Jaqueline Photography (formerly known as IMAGEโ€™n ME Photography). I specialize in travel Wedding and Lifestyle Photography and I mainly operate out of DC, Philly, and Chicago. I hope to be adding San Antonio, Dallas, and Atlanta to that list soon! Photography for me is taking those special moments in a persons life and turning them into beautiful memories. Its almost as if I can freeze time! Seeing the smiles on a clients face, when they see the photos I give them, is the best feeling in the world to me. 

More recently I discovered that my name, Janelle, means God Is Gracious. It was during my personal journey, to get closer to God, that I discovered this. I believe it is no coincidence. I believe that helping other people is another part of my purpose. For this reason I started a Christian blog called God is Gracious. I want to help other people get closer to God by being transparent about my life; the struggles, the triumphs and everything in between. God has blessed me immensely and I want to pay it forward and share those blessings with other people.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me through my photography and my blog!

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