Lets prepare for your session!

Lets plan this out The best photo sessions are thoroughly planned out. Each session includes a 20 min phone consultation. This is the time to tell me the ideas you have about location, clothes, props, themes, etc. I want to be able to advise you on the best way to bring your ideas to life. Give me as many details as you can.

Make Up Application Although make up is a personal preference it is suggested for photo sessions. Professional make up application makes your photos look more polished and professional. If you do not have a make up artist in mind, I do know a bunch of professionals that I can recommend.

Hair and Nails Ladies should wear a flattering style and men should have a fresh hair cut/line up. Nails do not necessarily need to be polished but should be neat and clean.

Session Style The style of your session is very important. Heres a couple things to think about. What is the objective of the photo session? Is there a location that is pertinent to the theme of your session that we can incorporate? These are important factors because your outfit and accessories, the season, and the location all have to go together. I know this might sound complicated but I am here to help.

Outfits Clothing is one of the most important parts of your sessions. Knowing what my clients intend on wearing prior to your session is essential so I ask that you email me a a quick photo of your selection. That way we can find a locations that matches. Some of my sessions also include an outfit change. It is not a requirement to bring a change of clothes but it is an option. If the package you selected comes with 2 outfits I always recommend one outfit be on the dressier side and the other be a more casual outfit. This will give your session some variety. But please be mindful of what an outfit change may entail. Although a second outfit is encouraged there is not always a public restroom to change. Sometimes the car is the only option.

Engagement Session  How do you plan to use these images on your wedding day? (i.e. invitations, thank you cards, on display at the wedding) Does your wedding have a specific theme that we want to tie into your engagement photos? Is there a favorite place or activity you both love doing that we can incorporate? These are important factors because your outfit and accessories, the season, and the location all have to go together. I know this might sound complicated but I am here to help.

Maternity Sessions Expecting moms should wear clothes that accentuate their growing bellies. Form fitting clothes or flowy dresses are always a great choice. Also depending on the style of the photo session, which we will discuss in detail, lighter or brighter colors tend to photograph better.

Prepping the kids If your upcoming session includes you little ones than this section is for you! I love working with the kids but most of the time they are the ones in charge (especially the ones under 4 years old). It’s best to schedule photo sessions in the morning when they are well rested and fed or in the early evening after nap time. It’s also best not to bring any toys, electronics, or food/candy you would not want in your photos. Leave those items at home or in the car or maybe offer them their favorite treat as an after session treat for doing a good job. Giving them any of these things before or during a session typically results in a meltdown when you try to take these items away to avoid them in the pictures.

What to Bring Lotion, lint brush, lip stick/gloss for touch ups, comfortable pair of walking shoe (for ladies in between shots), Jacket that matches your outfit (if it’s chilly). And if you are married or engaged don’t forget to bring you engagement/wedding ring and make sure it is squeaky clean!

Just trust me! I know you want the perfect photos and I definitely want to give that to you. I will always incorporate your ideas into the session but most times I am full of ideas too. Please be flexible and willing to take direction. A photographer’s photos can only be amazing if the participants trusts their vision.

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