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Happy first day of spring guys! 🌸As great as that feels to say it doesn’t actually feel like spring just yet. And as much as I want to break out the sundress and sandals, I know I have to give it another month or so for mother nature to get the memo. 🗒🙄But just because it’s a little to soon to get those perfect spring portraits that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead and be ready. So here are 4 things to consider.

Philly Wedding Photographer

Why is spring the perfect season for every type of photo session?

First lets talk about why spring is the perfect time for every kind of photo session. Spring is probably my favorite season of the year. We spring and summer honestly just because if I could live on a beach 6 months out of the year I most certainly would. 😂But for me spring is not only beautiful but it represents something super important. Spring is a real life representation of growth and new life. Think about it, because the weather is so cold and frigid in the winter many plants and animals die off or go into hibernation. Winter is a season of loosing dead weight. But spring is when everything starts over with a fresh new slate. So what better time than spring for a new beginning.

You are probably thinking 'what on earth does that have to do with taking photos?' Well I am glad you asked. 😂 What better time than now to take photos that represent growth for your business or brand? I guarantee when you put them on your website you will enter this season with a new spark of energy and motivation. Or why not take those engagement photos in the spring? You guys are walking into a brand new season together. Honestly, I think spring maternity photos are a no brainer. Not only will they be gorgeous but you are also carrying new life within you. You are basically a walking talking version of spring. So you may as well commemorate the moment. 👶🏽🌸

Philly Wedding Photographer

1. Choosing the right date

Picking the right date for your spring session can be tricky. The weather can be very unpredictable depending on where you live. Spring technically starts in March but I would never suggest taking photos that early in the spring. The general rule of thumb is to wait until at least mid-April to schedule your spring sessions. But if you live in a midwestern state (especially Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin) you should probably wait until May. That is when the leaves will begin to grow back and flowers will bloom. You will have that picturesque spring scene we are all dreaming of.

But what do you do if you have a deadline or due date for when photos need to be taken and it doesn’t quite look or feel like spring just yet? Or maybe you are just eager to get your spring session in early. If this is you do not worry because you can still take spring photos even if spring hasn’t bloomed yet. You just have to be strategic about choosing the right location 🗽🌇 and outfit 👗👡👒that lets us know it’s spring, even though the weather is lagging behind.

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2. What to wear

I always tell all of my clients it is so important that the purpose of your session, the location, the season, and what you are wearing are all cohesive. I know that sounds complicated but let me explain. If you decide to take your engagement photos in the middle of the winter, you wouldn’t come dressed for summer. Or if you are a lawyer doing a branding session, it makes no sense for you to be wearing a sundress in the middle of a garden. These details all matter and if just one of them is off it will make a difference with the overall feel of your session.

Having a cohesive session means planning out all these details with your photographer to ensure that they all make sense together. I normally tell my clients to first begin with their outfits. Decide what it is that you want to wear. Spring clothing is typically lighter colors, less layers, and lots of floral. But do not be afraid to step outside of that box! Your outfit for your session should represent your personal style. So if you aren’t into floral then maybe select a spring dress that is a little more edgy. Or if you don’t like pastel colors find a style that is spring but with brighter pops of color. Above all you need to like what you are wearing because the more confidant you feel the better your images will be.

If at any point you are uncertain about what look you are going for, there are tons of examples and style guides online to help for spring sessions. I send every one of my clients a pinterest board with style inspiration specific to the type of session and the season. I also ask them to send me their outfits prior to the session to offer my advice on what will work and what won’t work well on camera. And please when in doubt ask your photographer for help (hey that rhymes 😂). A good photographer should be able to help point you in the right direction.

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3. Location, location, LOCATION

After you have chosen your outfit it is now time to figure out where your session will take place. If you have chosen early spring before everything has fully bloomed maybe a more urban setting is the best choice. I know every major city has awesome skylines that are so amazing for photos. Landmarks/tourist attractions are also really cool spots to take photos. Also many cities there are also indoor conservatories that have the look of nature but are completely enclosed and away from the elements. But my personal favorite is when sessions are taken in locations that are meaningful to my client. So maybe consider your favorite coffee shop or your office. Or maybe the place you got engaged or first met. No matter the season meaningful locations always trump everywhere else. 🙃

But if you can wait until the birds start chirping and the flowers are blooming there are amazing spring locations all around. Local park, forest preserves, gardens, or sometimes even your own backyard.

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4. It’s all about the details!

The last thing to remember about your spring photo session (well really any session) is that the details do matter. Every photographer can tell you that there are many things that can help or hinder the outcome of a session. Most things seem pretty minor but can be really tough (or sometimes impossible) to fix in post production (otherwise known as photoshop). So I wanted to share some important details you want to be aware of before you session.

  • Ladies professional make up application is strongly suggested. I know make up is personal choice but having your make up professionally done adds a polished look to your photos. It hides blemishes while accentuating your natural beauty. And if you are not a normal make up wearer talk to the make up artist about doing a natural/subtle look with very neutral colors.

  • Make sure you try on your outfit all together (including your shoes) before your session. This is helpful for two reasons. First because you will know that you like the outfit all together. There have been tons of times an outfit worked in my head but when I actually put it on together it just wasn’t right. And secondly to make sure that everything fits well. Choosing an outfit and trying it on early gives you time to change your mind and find something new.

  • Ladies be sure to choose a flattering hairstyle and guys make sure your hair is freshly cut or styled. Oh and your nails matter too. You don’t need to go and get an acrylic set of nails but everyone should have nails that are clean, neatly trimmed.

  • Parents choose a time of day for your session that is best for your child. Nap time and right before it’s time to eat is a big no NO! Children behave the best when they are rested and fed. And in the case that your child isn’t all smiles during your session, please remain calm. The more upset and frustrated you get, the less likely they will to cooperate at all. And remember a photographer is essentially a stranger to your child so it may take them a minute to warm up. It’s ok. Any photographer who works with kids is will be used to it.

  • Last but not least TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Most likely you have been to their website and stalked their instagram (well maybe that’s just what I do 🙃😂). You hired them because you like their work. So during your session just have fun and be yourself. The photographer will handle the rest.

Philly Wedding Photographer

If you are interested in booking a spring session with me I have tons of options for you. I have Lifestyle Session that are perfect for families, maternity, and engagement photos. I also offer Personal Branding Session for my business professionals, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. If you are not really interested in doing a full session I have a few discounted session as well. April 4-7th I am hosting Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions in Washington D.C. and Philly. The Cherry Blossoms are so gorgeous and I cannot wait to get back out there and make some magic again this year. And because I cannot leave my Chicago folks out of the equation I am offering Spring Mini Sessions April 25th-29th in Chicago. I think that is all the upcoming info you need from me. If you are interested in booking your session shoot me an email and we will get you on my calendar.

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